Friday, 10 February 2012


( Happy Halloween )

I have this feeling of you and me,
But then it’s only me who assumes that there is you and me, maybe Because you never give a voice about it so I keep it inside me and I’m a coward to asked.
So I decided to let go of you and don’t expect anything from you, so I cut the web line that connects us.
And in a couple of minutes I slept, I don’t know how u managed to hunt me in my dream and say those words. When the time that I start to forget about you and I manage to get you out of my system. You find a way how you remind me of you. So I start doubting myself if letting you go is the right thing to do or maybe letting you go is only my excuse of being a coward.
But now the only thing I can do is too asked. If are you real or you are just one of my illusions??? Ahahhahahahhaha 

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