Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I Thanked GOD for the voice that awaken the Phoenix Heart,

The Man that without me knowing is always there with me,

A Soul that is in with me through the journey of Joy and Sorrow,

And the truth that forever will be in my heart that makes it so Glorious,

The Person that brings a shed of Light during the darkness hours,

The Mystery that unfolds the Truth,

And the Prayer that a Man who I spend the forever with.



One night there is a man who speaks so loud that awaken the phoenix heart,
And no matter how she tried to deny it, it keeps ringing in her ears,
And an eye that see beyond what it see’s,
An ears that hears beyond what it sounds,
A hand that brings warmth to the cold,
A soul that surrounds the hopeless,
A doubt, that gives truth to the lies.
And an everlasting Love to the Loveless that teaches the love to be loved.
A window that opens the door
A river that flows through the ocean
A drama that leads to happiness
A dream that becomes a reality
And it’s like an answered prayer to the song that opens the heart
 And the mystery that goes beyond to “FOREVER”