Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I Thanked GOD for the voice that awaken the Phoenix Heart,

The Man that without me knowing is always there with me,

A Soul that is in with me through the journey of Joy and Sorrow,

And the truth that forever will be in my heart that makes it so Glorious,

The Person that brings a shed of Light during the darkness hours,

The Mystery that unfolds the Truth,

And the Prayer that a Man who I spend the forever with.



One night there is a man who speaks so loud that awaken the phoenix heart,
And no matter how she tried to deny it, it keeps ringing in her ears,
And an eye that see beyond what it see’s,
An ears that hears beyond what it sounds,
A hand that brings warmth to the cold,
A soul that surrounds the hopeless,
A doubt, that gives truth to the lies.
And an everlasting Love to the Loveless that teaches the love to be loved.
A window that opens the door
A river that flows through the ocean
A drama that leads to happiness
A dream that becomes a reality
And it’s like an answered prayer to the song that opens the heart
 And the mystery that goes beyond to “FOREVER”

Friday, 10 February 2012


( Happy Halloween )

I have this feeling of you and me,
But then it’s only me who assumes that there is you and me, maybe Because you never give a voice about it so I keep it inside me and I’m a coward to asked.
So I decided to let go of you and don’t expect anything from you, so I cut the web line that connects us.
And in a couple of minutes I slept, I don’t know how u managed to hunt me in my dream and say those words. When the time that I start to forget about you and I manage to get you out of my system. You find a way how you remind me of you. So I start doubting myself if letting you go is the right thing to do or maybe letting you go is only my excuse of being a coward.
But now the only thing I can do is too asked. If are you real or you are just one of my illusions??? Ahahhahahahhaha 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

dream snow

Unknowingly I think about you,
Unexpectedly I smile
because memories of you are locked inside me
and from no where,
tears are falling realizing you are from the past
but I am so happy leaving everything behind.

It was a game and I am so silly
to get confused from fantasy and reality,
then I start asking questions but
I am such a stupid girl so I hide everything inside
Till one day I found out it's game over now i know the answer 
I am a coward but the funny thing is you too.

You are once a dream but u become possible 
and now I prayed that we will work out till the end.